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Supporting the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS)! Here’s why…

Founded by Carole Webb, the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS for short) is somewhat of a haven for many rescued farm animals from far and wide. Committed to the well-being, protection, peace and care for farm animals is their goal and they are doing an incredible job!

Carole in peak times has looked after as many as 800 rescued animals and with only an enthusiastic group of volunteers and contributions from a sympathetic public, it’s nothing short of incredible in how much they’ve accomplished.

Their mission, as a non-profit organisation, is to continue to rescue, nurture and provide safe shelter and refuge for animals that have been subject to violent cruelty, badly injured from poorly designed transporters, saved from the horrendous Live Export Trade or simply brought in by owners who can no longer care for them.

Everyday, the super hero’s at the sanctuary are working tirelessly to make sure these beautiful animals receive the treatment and healthcare they deserve to live for the rest of their lives in comfort with love and care, rather than in perpetual fear and abuse. We’re almost positive that Carole and the team at FARS, would like to rescue every farm animal on the planet given the opportunity!

Currently there are over 400 well-looked-after animals at the sanctuary which has been made possible primarily down to the hard work of the awesome volunteers at Woolly Park and the pure kindness and generosity of sponsors and donators over the many years since 1988. Unfortunately, whilst this is all truly amazing, these 400 animals are just the lucky ones and sadly there are still millions and millions in diabolic situations, just like these animals were before they arrived here at the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary in need of sanctum.

FARS are continually striving to make conditions even better for their loved animals and want to help more and more animals in the same way, going forwards.

We’re asking you to join us in supporting this amazing place and help give a future of love and life to these innocent, conscious and beautiful animals! There’s a link below to the MANY ways in which you can help. We appreciate not everyone has money to spend or time to give but we assure you there is no greater satisfaction than giving something you can give to those that REALLY NEED it. Help where you can and spread the word. These guys are on the front line fighting the battle that defenceless animals can’t!

Thank you for joining us in advance.

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