Visiting the Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS)

As a vegan charity, we were looking for somewhere that helped defenceless animals and whilst there were many worthy causes, there was something incredibly compelling about the story of a woman, who for over 30 years, has dedicated her life tirelessly to nothing more than helping these beautiful animals.


The Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS) is by all accounts the Shangri-La of the farming animal kingdom. It’s where, if you were a farming animal in need of rescue, you would want to reside for the rest of your life.

Set in the breath-taking countryside of Warwickshire’s rolling hills, just outside of Henley-In-Arden, rests a farm which captures your heart as soon as you step through the gate. Welcomed by Carol and her team of devoted volunteers, you’re immediately made aware of the presence of genuine tranquillity, emitted by hundreds of rescued and well-loved animals.

Our first encounter was with Gretel, a pig who Carol had looked after since the beginning (check info). An astounding animal who had been looked after so incredibly well, has now reached old age, which most animals thrown into the chaos of the meat and dairy industry, will never see.


Carol, named Guardian Angel by her inspirational team, entered Gretel’s pen and fed some fresh fruit and offered a bowl of water which she drank. Gretel hadn’t been eating much recently but on this beautiful sunny day came out to say hello and embraced the day ahead. The trust Gretel gave to Carol was over-whelming and it was an honour to witness such an incredible connection.

It’s difficult to imagine what these animals have experienced in their lives and it’s certainly not hard to appreicate there would be reluctance in their willingness to engage with people. Yet, despite their many horrific past traumas, Carol has developed unique ways of nurturing their health, wellbeing and trust, giving them a real chance of a healthy, long and happy life away from the nightmarish realities that face so many innocent and defenceless creatures today.


There are many reasons that these beautiful animals end up at FARS, whether it’s through people’s inability to continue looking after the pet they once wanted, or more commonly because they have become victim to the foul treatment by the meat and dairy industry, Carol and her team of saviours have a place in their hearts and on their farm.

Carol and her team are offered animals in need of rescue every single week and FARS will always welcome them with open arms, for as much as capacity will allow. However relying solely on the funds given by businesses such as ourselves is a drop in the ocean when you begin to tally up the costs of medicine, food, upkeep, maintenance, equipment, fencing, pens, veterinary bills and new shelters.


Giving IS Receiving!

Giving is the ultimate feeling! Offering true help and sanctuary to those who need it most, gives no greater pleasure and you’ll never experience anything quite like what you experience at The Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, we think you’ll be blown away by their efforts. Volunteer your time, adopt an animal or simply contribute your hard-earned money into a cause worthy of it.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. You can visit FARS and see first-hand what they are all about! They have two open days in September, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd between 11am-4pm!

Check out their website – http://www.farmanimalrescue.org.uk and their Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/farmanimalrescuesanctuary/

We are in awe as to how much work it’s taken to get where they are today. They have dreams to build bigger facilities, duck ponds, help more animals in need and give a better quality of life to all the animals who are there today.

Let’s help Carol and her incredible team at The Farm Animal Sanctuary continue their mission in giving these stunning animals a chance at life that every living creature on our beautiful Earth deserve.

Thanks for having us and keep up the amazing work!!


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