How We Began

About PHB Ethical Beauty

The OneLove Foundation is the philanthropic arm of PHB Ethical Beauty, an ethical beauty business run by Our Founders. PHB contributes 20% of their net profits to The OneLove Foundation to help improve the lives of people and animals in the UK and around the world.

Our Founders

Our Founders John, Sally & Rose have created The OneLove Foundation as a platform to share love and consciousness.

We have created the OneLove Foundation based on the belief that it’s vital to share what we have, to give back, to help others and to care for the earth. All people and creatures living on this earth are interrelated and dependant on each other. We all have the power to make a difference in the lives of others.

Through our foundation we want to help alleviate suffering including suffering through poverty, and the suffering of animals. We want to have a positive impact on peoples lives, animals and our planet. We also want to raise awareness about fantastic causes, spread happiness and encourage people to help others!

A Love Exchange… 

When customers support our business by purchasing PHB products they are directly donating to our OneLove Foundation and helping to make a difference in peoples lives. It’s not just a monetary exchange – it’s an exchange of love!  You receive a lovely handmade beauty product that works wonders for your skin & benefits your overall health and well-being. In return we use your hard earned money to help people and animals who really need it, and you will be making a positive impact on the world.

The cost of running our charity is covered by our business endeavours meaning when you make a donation 100% of your money goes directly into the projects we run/support to make a direct difference in people lives.

How PHB is making a difference! 

“We believe that as a society we are on the brink of big changes. We want to show that successful businesses can be run in an ethical way. At the heart of our business is a desire to serve and benefit people and the planet, rather than a desire to make profit.”  Rose Brown, CEO of PHB Ethical Beauty.

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to spread Love and Consciousness in the following ways through our business PHB Ethical Beauty:

Our products are Cruelty free:

Animal testing by cosmetics companies is ugly business. Worldwide millions of innocent animals suffer from these cruel and deadly testing procedures. In some countries like China and America animal testing is rife and big business. Some companies claim not to test on animals in Europe and yet are happy to sell their products in China where legally products must be tested on animals before they can be sold there. There are also some companies, such as The Body Shop, who claim not to test on animals but fail to mention they are owned by L’Oreal who still test on thousands of helpless animals each year.

By choosing our cruelty free beauty products you are helping put an end to Animal Testing and the unnecessary suffering this causes. There is nothing beautiful about playing part in the torture and caging of animals. By supporting companies that fight against testing on animals and refusing to purchase from companies that do you will help put an end to this awful practice.

Our products are Vegan:

As a compassionate company we strongly oppose the use of any animal derived ingredients in beauty products. Animal fats and crushed insects are commonly found in mainstream beauty products and in lots of natural and organic beauty products too. Many ‘cruelty free’ companies still use animal derived ingredients, and many companies who provide some vegan certified products still use animal ingredients in their ranges.

No beauty product requires the use of animal ingredients to make it desirable or effective yet so many companies continue to make profit from the death of animals.
It’s important to show companies that continue to use these kinds of ingredients that we’re aware of these practices and don’t find it acceptable. By vocally demanding they stop and by choosing to purchase products from companies that only use ethical ingredients we can power a change that will encourage compassion and make a huge difference to the world we live in.

Natural and Conscious Ingredients:

We love hand making products using only the safest, purest and ethically harvested natural ingredients. Just like our bodies need healthy natural food, we know skin loves to be nourished by nature’s purest ingredients, which restore balance and harmony to get skin looking its best. Our products contain no alcohols and no harmful chemicals.

Many of the ingredients knowingly used in the cosmetics industry have a detrimental effect on our skin and our overall health & well being. Many commonly used ingredients are well documented for their links to causing cancer and other major health problems.

Up to 60% of what goes on to skin goes into skin. This is why all PHB products are handmade using 100% naturally derived ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective. Click here to view our ingredients policy, and find out more about the ingredients we do & don’t use.  

People over machinery!

All our products are made by hand. They are blended, filled and labelled by hand. Most companies would use machinery for this. We feel the fact that all of these processes are done by hand means that each product is made with loving care and greater attention to detail ensuring the highest quality. Many companies like to use machinery to get costs lower and lower however as we continue to grow we want to create more and more job opportunities, therefore creating employment for people to help assist us in these processes.

No palm oil!

Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil produced in Africa, Asia and South America. It is used prolifically in the food and cosmetics industries. An astounding 85% of the Palm oil produced globally comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. This industry causes devastation – deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses in the countries where it is produced, as the land and forests must be cleared for the development of the oil palm plantations. All PHB products are free from Palm Oil and we are raising awareness about this issue as we want to encourage others to stop using this harmful ingredient. To learn more visit:

Eco Friendly:

We care about the beautiful earth we inhabit! We use eco-friendly packaging that comes from post consumer recycled sources. Much of our packaging is 100% recyclable, including our Aluminium lids and bottles, PET Bottles and Glass Jars. We ask that you recycle your PHB packaging and do your bit to help the planet.

Protecting our Oceans:

We are against the use of plastic micro-beads found in most body scrubs and facial exfoliators. These micro-plastics are non-biodegradable and contaminate the waters of our oceans. They are also often mistaken for food by marine life who are poisoned when they eat them. Also, we do not use harmful detergents in our body and hair care products which pollute the environment when washed down our drains.

Ethical Sourcing & Supporting Fair Trade:

We research endlessly the finest and most beneficial natural ingredients to blend with our organic produce and creating effective and ethical beauty products is our passion.

Some of our Ethically Harvested Ingredients: The Minerals in our cosmetics are sourced from India where they are mined ethically. The owners of the mine help to fund schools and daycare centres to help improve the quality of life for their employees. The Organic Shea Butter in our cosmetics comes from a women’s Co-op in West Africa.

“Let’s come together and change the world for the better”